Facts at a Glance

2007 National Harris Survey of
Boys & Girls Club Alumni:
Facts At A Glance

Boys & Girls Clubs have an immediate and long-lasting impact on their alumni:

  • 57% of alumni said the Club saved their life. (Up 5% from 1999 survey).
  • 91% of alumni are satisfied with their adult life.

Areas of Concern
Four areas of concern from the survey have a major impact on America’s youth:

Crime & Substance Abuse:

  • 67% of Club alumni attribute their ability to avoid difficulty with the law to the influence of Club staff.
  • Another 67% say the Club is where they learned how to ‘say no’ to drugs and alcohol.

Dropout Rates:

  • 28% of alumni report they would have dropped out of high school if not for the Club.
  • 51% achieved a higher level of education than they thought possible because of attending the Club.

Childhood Obesity

  • 80% of alumni said the Club had a positive impact on their attitude toward fitness and health.
  • 74% of Club alumni report participating in organized sports.

African-American Males

  • 73% of African-American male alumni said the “Club saved my life.”
  • 34% of African-American male alumni earned a four-year college degree, compared to the national rate of 16%.