Our Dream Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa seeks to raise $1,000,000 to invest in the future of Santa Rosa’s youth, matching the Board of Director’s investment of $750,000.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa serves more than 1,500 youth members per year as an active youth hub in our community.  Our facility was built in 1952, and although our mission has not changed in over 70 years, the way we achieve that mission has evolved.  We face challenges in our current building which limits program capacity and the ability to grow alongside the population we serve.

By making our facility more state-of-the-art and thus a better learning environment, we will reach even more youth with expanded program offerings and increased program staffing.Our newly renovated 15,000 square foot facility will bring safety measures up to code, feature private space for youth counseling, create more space for programming and activities, improve networking and technology capability, and create a more modern and better learning environment for the youth we serve.

The new, open floor plan provides increased capacity for programming activities as well as increased sight lines for easier supervision of youth members.  

Relocating the restrooms allows access from the gym with the ability to lock the main portion of the facility off.  

A centrally located utility closet provides increased WiFi capability, adjacent to a large storage area.  

Heating and air will keep our kids warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

An updated exterior as well as a large front desk provides a welcoming entrance.

We need your help to make our dream club a reality.  By investing in our project, you'll provide kids with the opportunity to thrive now and into the future.  Help us bring Santa Rosa's oldest youth organization into the 21st century.  

Make a donation now or contact us for more information about naming opportunities.  

Contact Amber Heidtke at (707) 542-3249 ext 103 for more information. Or email us at info@bgcsr.org.