Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Youth Basketball League.

Why can only 50 people be in the gym at the same time?

We must comply with the health order limiting no more than 50 people in one room at one time.  See Dr. Mase's explanation on how her health policy affects sports on January 12, 2022 here.

I would like to be one of the 50 that is permitted inside the gym.  How can I be selected to be permitted inside?

We are unable to select individual parents to be inside and be fair to all parents who want to view games.  Therefore, only players, coaches and referees will be allowed inside for the first 3 games only, or until the health order expires (expected Feb. 11, 2022).

Why can't we have the games outside?

BGCSR staff made a concerted effort to find an outdoor court to hold games and learned that in order to use a school campus, there must be a union employee present during usage on the school campus during any game or practice.  We were unable to find a school that would employee a custodian or other union employee for the time required.  We were also unable to acquire a permit for any city court for the extended period of time we would require for games.  The health order also excludes gatherings of 100 or more outside, which exceeds our usage for games.

Why can't we use a backyard court or other private outdoor space?

Our insurance policy will not cover games or practices held at a space outside of the Boys & Girls Club gym.  Any homeowner or other facility that wishes to host games will need to submit an insurance policy of $3 million to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa with Boys & Girls Club of America named as additionally insured.

Is the Youth Basketball League Co-ed?

Yes! All players age 5-13 with all skill level and playing experience are welcome.

When are sign ups for the league?

Sign ups are open September 13 to November 12.  If you missed sign up this year, please make sure we have you on our mailing list by sending your contact info to  Sign ups will open for the 2022-23 season in September 2022.  

What is the purpose of the Skills Assessment?

The Skills Assessment will help us determine how to evenly disperse playing experience and skill level across the league divisions.  

I can't make it to the Skills Assessment.  Is there a make up session?

There will not be a make up session, however even if you are not able to attend the Skills Assessment, your player will still be placed on a team.

What time is the Skills Assessment?

The Skills Assessment is Saturday, November 13, 2021.  Please arrive at the following times for your age group:
Ages 5-6:  9:00 am
Ages 7-9: 9:45 am
Ages 10-13: 10:30 am

What if I have a request for a coach or to be placed on a team with a friend?

There will be a form to fill out for a request at the Skills Assessment.  We do our best to accommodate all parents’ requests, however our first priority is to make sure experience and skill level is evenly dispersed.  Requests are not guaranteed, but we do our best to accommodate. 

When will I know what team my player is on?

After the skills assessment, we will form the teams and notify coaches of their roster.  Your coach will reach out to the players to notify them of practice schedule and other team info. We expect to have the the team rosters finalized by Tuesday, November 23 and teams will be notified after that date.

When is practice and games?

The practice schedule will be set by your coach and what time/day is available in our gym.  All practices are held in our gym at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa in the late afternoon and evening.  All games are played on Saturdays and Sundays in our gym as well.  Typically the 5-6 age teams play in the morning, the 7-9 age teams play mid-morning to early afternoon, and the 10-13 age teams play in the afternoon.  The season is 8 games with possible bye weeks, followed by play offs and championship games.  Practice schedules will be finalized by Tuesday, November 23 and teams will be notified after that date.

What height are the hoops?

With thanks to Exchange Bank and the Goals Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Santa Rosa has installed lowering and raising hoops in our gym.  The rim height for the 5-6 age division is 6', the rim height for the 7-9 age division is 8', and the rim height for the 10-13 age division is 10'. 

What size ball should I purchase for my player to practice with?

The 5-6 and 7-9 age divisions will use a 27.5" game ball or size 5.  The age 10-13 age division will use a 28.5" game ball or size 6.  

Where do I park?

Limited parking is available in the Boys & Girls Club lot as well on Patio Court, Hahman Drive, and in the Montgomery Village Shopping Center parking lot.  Please do not park perpendicular to or in front of the Boys & Girls Club building.

Is the gym open for my player to practice?

No, our gym is not open for practice or play outside of our regular after-school program or scheduled practice with your team.

Are siblings allowed to play in the club during practice and games?

We ask that all basketball participants including parents and siblings remain in the gym during practice and games.  We will provide space for teams to meet after games, however in order to ensure our equipment is not damaged for our after-school program, we ask that no one move past the roped off areas of the Boys & Girls Club.

How many players are in the league?

We've had a record number of players register for the 2021-22 Youth Basketball League! Typically our league has 120-140 players, however this year we've had double that amount!  We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility with practice times and availability as well as patience with our staff as we form teams.   All of our coaches are volunteers and we're grateful for them!

If you have additional questions, please email Daniel Theobald, Athletic Coordinator at or call (707) 542-3249.